MRT Train System

The MRT system is the backbone of Singapore’s public transport network and spans across most parts of the island. The MRT system currently has more than 90 stations across the island.  More stations will be added to the MRT system as new lines under construction are expected to be ready in the next few years.

Commuting by the MRT train system is the most efficient way to get around the island.  Singapore rail system moves more than 2 million passengers daily. The trains operate from 5.30am to about midnight daily and are usually extended during major festive periods like New Year eve.  The train frequency during peak hours (7am to 9am) is about 2 to 3 minutes and about 5 to 7 minutes during off-peak times.

The train fares are paid using a contactless smart card. You need to tap the card at the gantries when you enter and exit the train platform area. The panel on the exit gantries will indicate the remaining value in your card.


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