Living With A Maid:

Problem Solving and Training of Maids in Singapore

Problems with Maids in Singapore

We cover this subject extensively in e-relocation Singapore which you can access for free if you qualify.

There are a number of sources you may pass on to your maid or her friends. These are trained people who are very familiar with the circumstances in Singapore.


Ministry of Manpower
hotline 1800-339-5505
Archdiocesan Commission for Migrants and Intinerant People (ACMI)
Samaritans of Singapore

Tel: 1800 221 444
Family Service Center
Tel: 1800 838 0100
Care Corner Mandarin
Counselling Centre Tel: 1800 353 5800
Maid Welfare Group Transient Workers Count Too
Credit Counselling Singapore
Tel: 1800 225 5227
Maid Abuse Report/Maid Helpline
Tel: 6 539 5298/ 6 539 5334
Tel: 1800 377 2252


Babysitter rates range around S$ 10 per hour and this can easily add up to the salary of a full time live-in maid. Sources for babysitters are

See also Nanny Scheme

Home Leave Arrangements

Once your maid goes on home leave you have the options to cancel or not to cancel her Work Permit while she in on leave. The option to cancel will make sure, you do not need to continue paying the levy during her absence. If you do not cancel the Work Permit, you are able to reclaim the levy for the absence on her return either online or in person at the CPF center. For details see the MOM website.

If you choose to temporarily cancel your Foreign Domestic Worker's (FDW) Work Permit (WP) while she goes on home leave: 

  • The duration of the home leave must not be more than 60 calendar days; and
  • The WP must be valid for more than three months at the time of cancellation. This is to ensure that there is sufficient time to re-instate/renew the WP following the FDW's return to Singapore.

Further details see MOM website.

You also need to call your maid's embassy to check if there are additional immigration requirements from her country before you send her on leave.

Safety Awareness Course for Foreign Domestic Workers

Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW) have to attend a compulsory half-day course to raise their awareness of home safety and safety precautions to take when carrying out routine household chores such as cleaning of windows. The cost of the course is SGD 20.00

.Note: Employers who change their maids five times or more in a year need to attend an orientation program for employers and may be interviewed by the Ministry of Manpower to establish the reason for the changes. Future applications for foreign maids may be rejected.

Maid Training Classes

As a responsible employer you have a moral and legal responsibly to ensure that your maid works safely in your home and not expose her to safety hazards, especially when her household duties involve cleaning windows or hanging clothe s to dry in a high-rise apartments.

Over the last 4 1/2 years 89 Indonesian maids have died while working.

Note: if your maid dies you need to report this to the Manpower Ministry within 12 hours of finding her. The National Safety Council of Singapore recently launched courses for safe work practices for maids. The fee of S$ 50 is money well spent! See also menu Health/First Aid Courses

The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore has an excellent web site on food safety where you can print a number of pages for your maid as guidelines to follow. More information on training your maid see your e-relocation Singapore Guide .

Home Safety and Security Training
National Safety Council
Taman Bacaan FSC
Tel: 6 741 7977
Kaki Bukit Community Center
Tel: 6 223 3601
Tel: 6 223 3601
Marina Parade CDC Tel: 6243 8753
Water safety and drowning prevention
Singapore Life Saving Society
Tel: 6299 3660
Fax: 6299 0693
Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
Singapore Life Saving Society
Tel: 6299 3660
Fax: 6299 0693
Automated External Defibrillation (AED).
Singapore Life Saving Society
Tel: 6299 3660
Fax: 6299 0693
Training Courses for Caregivers of the elderly and invalid
Hua Mei Training Centre Tel: 6471 7743
Changi General Hospital Tel: 6850 1868
Kim Seng Community Club Tel: 6272 3878
Nursing Department Ministry of Health Tel: 6325 9100
SAGE Counselling Centre Tel: 1800 353 8633
Childhood Education
Community Development Center Classes
Northeast CDC Tel: 6424 4000
Cooking Classes
English Tutorial online
KK Women & Children's Hospital/Child Safety Center
Tel: 6 394 1268
Website 1
Website 2


Nanny Scheme

The Ministry of Community Development promotes and facilitates the implementation of a Family Day Care Service to provide working parents with an alternative child care option in the form of home-based care by caregivers .Other than regular day care, the Service also provides care for children on an occasional basis. There are three centres coordinating the training of the caregivers and match them with parents who need their services.



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