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Singapore by nightWhen the sun sets in Singapore, the skyline turns into a glittering panorama as the Singapore river reflects a thousand lights from the city's financial hub - symbolic for the many ways expatriates can enjoy themselves in Singapore after dark.

With an abundant night life and a large number of pubs, bars, discos and restaurants for each taste often within walking distance from your Singapore home the choice is yours.


From the classical cultural Asian experience such as attending a Chinese opera to rocking with Western pop groups or singing along in a musical - entertainment in Singapore is the best in the region and frequented by many visitors from neighboring countries. Tickets should be booked early to avoid disappointment on missing out on entertainment in Singapore.

Singapore's club scene is hot and we tell you where to go to meet fellow expats and Singapore's sarong ladies and boys - the perfect companions for lonely strangers in the night.

Stay away from Western temptations such as drugs as the laws are stringent and apply to a foreigner in the same way as to the locals. Only recently a number of expatriates were sent to jail in Singapore for drugs in their possession. You will be hanged if you are suspected to be dealing and the amount of drugs on you surpasses a certain limit. Please take this advice serious.

Art Centres and Art Galleries


Art Guide

art galleries SingaporeIf you are interested in art view monthly listings of art exhibitions running all over Singapore in this section. The locations are conveniently divided to present you with an overview of what is happening in your neighborhood and beyond. For further information we recommend to subscribe to the monthly Singapore Art Gallery Guide which also lists all art galleries and their location in Singapore. A color code permits to select international artists presently showcasing their works in Singapore.

Singapore art galleries exhibit local, regional and international art. But the best investment would be Asian art as prices are still modest but can expect rapid increases in the future.

Visit also the heartland galleries listed such as Telok Kurau Studios and the city's art hubs Little India, Waterloo Street and the Artis Village where local artists show their art pieces.

Chinese Opera/Wayang


Classical Music

Cultural Shows

Dance Theatre


Expatriate Nightlife

There is a vivid nightlife scene in Singapore and the Government has slowly adapted Singapore laws to fit the image of the city as an entertainment hub for tourist from the region and to encourage creativity amongst its population. If you feel you need to you are permitted to dance on the bar-top dancing - and this is indeed a major social change in Singapore. The place to go is CU at 15 Mohmed Sultan Road.

Nightspots close around midnight during the week and at 2-3 am on weekends. Recently a few areas in non-residential areas have been  pinpointed for permits to stay open around the clock.

Photo: Cityscoops Media

If you really want to know what is going on in the lion city, you must visit the picture gallery at Nightlife Singapore which also lists events in the most popular bars, pups and discos.

The most frequented locations where expats have been sighted are listed below. Please email us if you have any recommendations, additions, changes etc.


Below is a selection of clubs, pubs and discos popular with expatriates in Singapore. You have to start somewhere...



Food and Restaurant Guides

Singaporeans live to eat and once they open their eyes they open their mouth. As much as the English like to talk about the weather, Singapore's lunches and dinners are dominated by discussions on where to go and when to eat what.

Knowing the best hawker stalls in town is a must and one of the best sources are taxi drivers. You eat excellent on a small budget but you can also indulge in the best Asian and International food for a fortune.


Stay away from places frequented by tourists unless the place has been recommended by a Singaporean. So when a place is crowded with locals and there is a queue at the reception you can be sure there is value for money!

By the way, there is always a reason to go for lunch or dinner or supper for Singaporeans, and the best business connections start and continue over a meal. When you meet a local client before lunch or dinner, the first question you are asked is: "Did you have your lunch?" Don't you dare to say "yes"!

All Singaporean food establishments are based on their standards of cleanliness and food hygiene. Under the scheme, there are 4 grades - Excellent (A), Good (B), Average (C) and Below Average (D). Food establishments have to publicly display their grades. Most establishments have minimum C grades in Singapore.

We decided to stay away from listing restaurants and hawker stalls in this section. Others have done a fantastic job and why reinvent the wheel. Explore the following web sites!

Horse Racing


Lion and Dragon Dances

Live Music

Movies/Cinema Singapore

Western movie fans are sometimes disappointed when watching movies in Singapore due to the stringent rating system and film censoring. Those who have seen the same movie before sometimes feel sorry for some important scenes missing. There are, however, signs of a change which is due to freely available uncensored movies on the Internet. The recently introduced R 21 rating is a compromise to be noted.

Many cinemas offer phone bookings and online bookings and mainly accept VISA credit cards. Pick your seat online and avoid the long queues in front of the ticket counter.

Please note, that the room temperature in cinemas is sometimes uncomfortably low (about 10 C lower than outside!) and you are advised to dress accordingly - at least bring a shawl or someone to cuddle up with.

A recent survey by the Straits Times on the popularity of Singapore's movie theatres revealed, that the GC Grand at Great Word City was the overall winner of the categories seats, sound, toilets, temperature, hygiene, service, ambience, layout, booking system, popcorn and snack bar. Second came Lido, Cathay and Eng Wah. Prince came in last.


Murder, Dinner and Dracula Show





See also Expat Nightlife

River Cruises

Sizzling Singapore Shows

Theatre Companies

We invite all theatre companies in Singapore to publish their productions on this page for free. Please send us an image, the show times and ticket prices and booking facilities at least 2 weeks before your premiere.

Tickets Online

Singapore's Durian by Night: the Esplanade

You can order your tickets for almost all shows and events online. Seats are allocated according to a “best seat” available system.

Venue Guides

Visit the web site below for address, map and public transport connections to venues in Singapore.

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