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Medical Fees for Common Surgical Procedures


Visitors from all over the world, mainly those from Asia, are coming to Singapore to seek medical treatment.  Doctors and surgeons are seeing more patients coming from India, China, Indonesia and Malaysia.


Singapore is a key player in medical tourism, where visitors travel here to seek both treatment and leisure time.  Foreigners choose Singapore for various reasons. For some, the excellent post-operative care and the clean hospital environment are their key considerations.


To ensure greater transparency of surgical fees, the Singapore Ministry of Health had recently published the total operation fees for 65 common procedures charged by public sector hospitals.


For example, the typical Caesarean section delivery may cost between SGD $3250 to $4090 and a heart angioplasty may cost SGD $2454 to $4635.


To get the fees of other common procedures, please visit the website of Singapore Ministry of Health. Click here.