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Your Guide to Living & Working in Singapore

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As an expat living in Singapore, you get to experience incredible excitement of building careers and people networks in this cosmopolitan island city.  At the same time, there are many decisions you need to make when you prepare to relocate to Singapore for an expatriate assignment.  Enter Singapore equips you with the information you need to lead a fabulous career and lifestyle in Singapore. 

  • Singapore Merlion Park


    Moving to work and live in another country is a major decision in life.  After you have decided to take the expatriate assignment in Singapore, use our guides to simplify your relocation preparation.  Use our step-by-step relocation guide to help you and your family prepare for the move to Singapore.

  • Apartment For Rent


    Search for your ideal home from our listings of apartments & houses for rent or sale in Singapore.  Things you should look out for when viewing condos & serviced apartments.  Understand the Singapore property market & regulations.  Learn how to engage reliable property agents with experience in home searches for expatriates. 

  • Singapore Money Currency


    Leaving your home country can be stressful - but new financial opportunities are opening up.  EnterSingapore provides tips to manage your money while in being an expatriate in Singapore.  Learn the benefits of opening a global bank account in Singapore, including having access to your funds wherever you go.

  • Health


    Health of you & your family is a top priority.   Understand about the healthcare systems in Singapore & expatriate choices for healthcare providers.  Whether it is a regular cold,  acute dental ailment or chronic disease,  you will get information about seeking treatment in a clinic or in a hospital for emergencies.  Get advice for selecting outpatient doctors, medical specialists and  dentists.

  • Jobs


    Search for your ideal job in Singapore using our job portal.   We offer the latest job opportunities in various segments like healthcare, IT, hospitality, logistics, service and retail.  We provide sound advice on how to build a career or negotiate a contract when working in Singapore.

  • Kids


    Singapore is well-known internationally for its high standards in the education system.  Explore your options for putting your kids in international or local schools.  Ensure your kids continue learn academically in Singapore and at the same time enjoy learning about Asian cultures.

  • Lifestyle


    Learn the things that expatriates and their families like to do during their leisure.  Whether you like to mingle with your fellow countryman in a pub or have a relaxing face spa, you can be sure we have something for you.  We will introduce you to some of the best entertainment, shopping and dining places.

  • Guides


    You can find information about day-to-day living in Singapore.  Learn about travelling on public transport systems, car ownership, weather forecast, procedures to apply for internet broadband and many more.

  • Office Space for rent


    Are you are a multinational company who is looking to set up a regional headquarter, branch or representative office in Singapore?  Or are you an individual who have plans to venture into a business start-up in Singapore.  We offer insights about establishing a business in Singapore and links to government agencies and service providers to support your business entry.

  • Events


    Looking for things to do this weekend?  Check out our Events section and find out what events are going on in Singapore.  Whether you are looking for musical concerts, exhibitions, cultural celebration, flea markets, street performance, travel or IT shows, we may have an event that interest you.

  • Business


    Looking for a service provider your home, kids education, pets, health and insurance or travelling needs?  Our business directory provides you with a list of product and service providers that cater to expatriate needs.

  • Classifieds


    Visit our Classifieds section to find out what products or services that other expatriates has to offer.  You can also post listings in our Classifieds if you have something to offer to other expatriates.  Be it a used baby cot or teak dining table that you wish to sell, or you are looking for a recommendation for a domestic helper, you can post a Classifieds listing and expect someone to respond to your post.

  • Singapore Expats' Blogs


    Get and share the latest information about Singapore through blogging.  Gain insights about Singapore from the blogs written by expatriates who are living and working in Singapore and our guest bloggers.